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Our firm’s precise and sensitive attitude gets enough interest in our country. We are proud of being the first choice of our thousands of individual customers who have the same World view as us and hundreds of architects and project Offices , tens of construction companies. Unfortunately, we encounter with poor quality, problematic ,wrong fireplaces and chimney workshop. As we Racoflame, %40 of our job is still passing with breaking existing fireplace and renew it and changing problematic chimneys that are quite possible to cause fire. These realities make us sad as it is losing national income but also seeing conscious customers who are following the right works make us happy.


Naturally, all these workshops have a cost. Our firm’s first aim is not swerving from quality to get profit but protect profitableness with low profit margin in a productive working order. We proved to serve enough as taking part in lots of prestigious project and for their eligible customers as required with years of experience. The reason why we could take part in these projects not only that we do our job with years of experience and 0 European union standards but also we use the right fireplace reservoir that we choose meticulously for projects and we use quality fireplace claddings that are produced meticulously.


Fireplace is not just consists of fireplace reservoir and fireplace covering models that the last customers see. Lots of vital details lie behind background and installation. As Racoflame , Our team builds up a heat room inside Wall. In there, we use all products that are appropriate to EU rules. We build up heat proof and perfect long life systems. Briefly, we care all details that are important for performance, productivity, esthetics, and safety whether it is apparent or nonvisual and we present fireplaces that will serve perfectly to our customers for years.


Our fireplaces have steel body and aluminum brick inside of it, reservoirs with its special body design, not only will change cold winter days to a warm home but also will warm up homeowner’s inside with its stylish design. We present you to enjoy with two different fireplace concepts at same house with our dual reservoirs. Our reservoirs of fireplace can be produced as swing arm or elevator cover, as our customer’s wish.


There are different stone options that we, as Ekofen team, meticulously choose for different fireplace reservoir’s different designed models. We choose meticulously our stone options that we use for fireplace covering models. Each model is installed after controlling sensitively. We bring stones from quality quarry and they are cultivated meticulously. Some of our options: packed travertine , San Gabriel Patine, Emperial White, Zimbabwe burned granite, Naturel travertine , Noche Travertine and Sesame Limra. We present really wide options for every decoration and luxury.


Our customers will not only have prestigious decoration unit in their living space but also will enjoy and proud of getting real productive, economic, environmentalist heating system.


Racoflame -the new brand of Ekofen Heat & Energy Group- stands out with its economic, environmental/ecologic and aesthetic alternative heating solutions, unique designs and specific project coherent products. Wide product range is consisting of 3 main groups: Racoflame Smokeless Fireplaces, Racoflame Efficient Fireplaces and Racoflame Ecotherm Boilers.

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