Wood-Burning Fireplaces

    They are unique designs with covered sapphire brick reservoirs , glass washing systems that preventing smut and getting dirty, secondary evaporator that improve the burning quality ,controlled chimney flap, primary central evaporator which regulate burning on ashtray part , high temperature resistant vitro ceramic glasses ,double covered hood fume systems , flame redirector mechanism , ceramic wool isolation , Schottvitro ceramic glasses and ideal esthetic lift systems ,safe and productive.

    As sapphire bricks covering inside of double reservoirs stock up the fireplace heat for a long time and increase the heat efficiency, they are the most ideal coatings. Glass washing system that prevents the smut and getting dirty is an inevitable mechanism. Secondary evaporator which improves the burning quality is an important factor that affects the productivity. Controlled and adjustable chimney flap is an important specialty that make saving. Primary air inlet with adjustable mechanism is in the center of fireplace, in a word, ashtray part. By this way, easy inflammation and flame control are in control of you. You can use heat in the most productive way with flame redirector and double hood fume systems. Security and expected life of chimney are increased with ceramic wool isolations that are applied in some parts.

    Racoflame flueless fireplaces are the highest heat productive ones in equipollent fireplaces, it also offers more economic alternative than equipollents, it outc lasses existing heating systems.

  • Dora
  • RCS Stove Fireplace
  • RC2A Fireplace Reservoir
  • RCUA U Type Elevator Fireplace Reservoir
  • RCLA L Type Elevator Fireplace Reservoir
  • RC Standard Fireplace Reservoir
  • RCA Standard Elevator Fireplace Reservoir
  • RCA - PRZ
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