Flueless Fireplaces

    Flueless Fireplaces Turkey is the first and only patented manufacturing, product assurance Racoflame’in supported by quality certificates. Ethanol-burning, smoke-free and environmentally friendly businesses and flueless bio ethanol fireplaces detached and apartment houses as well as hotel, shopping center, restaurant, cafe, bar, various fields such as interior and exterior of the chimney can be used without the need for, and aesthetics, combining heating with natural flame. Different types and sizes, manual or electronic combustion chambers (burnerlar) is possible with the unique designs.

    Racoflame Bioethanol Burner Features Our company is engaged in the production of the energy design and thermal systems. Therefore, we control in our factory in person only thermal systems products as a result of many R & D work, as well as global standards by staying current with the ongoing and continuous scrutiny always aiming to become a worldwide name is walking. Our current products in Turkey is the first and only provider with patent rights; product assurance BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 and is supported by TUV.

    Racoflame burnerlar, are made on the basis of the norms of the German DIN EN 4734-1. Yet the world bio-ethanol combustion chambers located on the net and although not a standard based on our experience, the combustion quality, consumer values​​, flame height, and the absorbance of toxic waste in our opinion the most reasonable in terms of safety, we relied on the German standards.

    Of this sector, which is rapidly expanding around the world as unsafe because of the competitive environment, perishable, the flame can not be controlled, or even exploding, emitting hazardous wastes to human health forced, unconsciously there is a lot of production and offers a serious threat. Particularly by giving priority to the principles of safety by minimizing potential risks would like to state that we produce our products, the most visible farklılığımız quality workmanship, material thickness, non-flammable insulating supports, heavy stainless steel wire mesh, flame control and a superior quality control audits of each product.

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