Central Fireplaces

    It is a kind of fireplace that makes possible to watch and enjoy the wood fire from every aspect in big areas , also it draws more attention day by day. It is ideal for big saloons like villas, gallery style rooms, restaurant, cafe, hotel, gym saloons etc. and we made some differences in this kind of fireplaces.

    We began to produce it with our own technic methods ,also with the aim of creating different visuality without losing classic fireplace conception. Centered Fireplaces have its own hidden heat rooms. We gathered the ideal product and visuality with hidden flame breakers that stalling flame and burning also minimizing the heat lose through the chimney .

    We created different kind of projection with double coating principle and also designing the fireplaces with several coverings that convey the heat through the existing culverts. Fireplace is enriched with some figures except intended colors. We got satisfying and different designs with various colors of Corian coverings .Also stone ,tempered glass, wood coverings are possible.


    There is another new thing additional to all these differences; If you need , you can cut in isolated ,regulatable cap that on the base chimney in other words, canceling the chimney , and you can turn existing fireplace to flue less bio ethanol fireplace. Also you can change it to old mode whenever you want.

    If you don’t want to suffer from the troubles of burning wood, have some possible chimney problem, or want to get warm quickly and easily, that option makes all easy. Also we can make visually more different with fiber wood accessory.

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  • Comelia
  • Pearl
  • Argon
  • Ortos
  • Inspire
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